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Karen Dennis

Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer 

Owner of Divine Inspiration, Cobblestone walk, Steyning


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki £45 for 1 Hour

Reiki plus Mentorship £70 75-90 Mins

3 x Reiki 30 min sessions £125

4 x Reiki plus mentorship £260

Reiki plus Reading £80

Distance Reiki £40

Animal Reiki £25

Reiki Level 1 £160

Reiki Level 2 £160

Reiki Refresher £160

Reiki 3a Masters £320

Reiki 3b Master Teacher £160

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Clairvoyant Medium/Tarot Reading

Reading 45-60 mins £45

Reiki and Reading £80

Email/Online Reading £45

Mini Reading £15 Sent via WhatsApp

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Spiritual Supervision and Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship may encompass

  • Balanced and open discussion
  • Emotional wellbeing support
  • Energy Alignment
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Visualisation and Breath
  • Intuition development and awareness
  • Grounding
  • Emotional Release
  • Co creation of Ideas and clarity
  • Clearance
  • Energy Protection

Hourly sessions £50

Day Course £220

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