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Karen Dennis

Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer 

Owner of Divine Inspiration, Cobblestone walk, Steyning

Divine Inspiration

Private Members Group

Welcome to the Divine Inspiration Private Members Group, an opportunity to join a subscription based Private group of like minded people all looking for support, connection and networking within a spiritual development framework.

Here you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself in the world of spirituality, Tarot and Mediumship, with me, Karen, owner of Divine Inspiration.

This new and exclusive Private Members Group is being bought to you with a view that it will be a nurturing, supportive and empowering environment, and a safe space to grow, develop and find your own true path.

There are many additional Members to look forward to, I look forward to you joining me!

Benefits Include:

Weekly Support Sessions (Costed at £50 per week)

Quarterly Full Reading (Costed at £160 per year)

Monthly Letterbox Gift Box (Costed at £120 per year)

Not including other savings from 10% reductions from all other services and goods instore, and much more!

At a considerable saving to you!

Sign up to the Private Members Group TODAY for just £49.99 per month to start receiving your Members Benefits and become apart of the Divine inspiration Community.

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